Bit low on concentration? Maybe your mood swings are all over the map, or maybe you just can’t quite seem to calm yourself down these days? Dr. Thomson has written her list of the Top 5 Summer Supplements to help your brain get and stay balanced…

  1. Super EFA-Fish Oil

    A great blend of the right essential fatty acids to supply the brain withthe necessary substrates for optimum function. Fear not, tested by our staff, this supplement does not give “fish burps”.

  2. D-Emulsion Drops

    Vitamin D drops that taste like lemon meringue pie ! Vitamin D is involved in over 800 critical enzymatic functions. Deficiency in Vitamin D has been associated with many neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimers and MS.

  3. Brain CALM

    This supplement is taken at night and helps to calm the nervous system. Great for anxiety, sleep and for those that haven’t taken up a regular meditation practice.

  4. Brain Memory

    Combining Huperzine A (from Chinese medicine, mushroom), gingko biloba, acetyl L-carnitine, and choline to enhance and improve memory.

  5. Brain Energy

    Many of us have reduced power or voltage in our brains from years of stress and this decreases our dopamine levels. This supplement helps to boost brain power!

All of these supplements + many more are available for purchase up at Gaia Clinic, better yet, book a Functional Medical Consult with Dr. Thomson or Dr. Acton to get the best supplement recommendations tailored to you!