Martin Law, MA(Hons), R.Psych.

Martin Law

As a Registered Psychologist and Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Consultant. Martin has over 20 years of experience addressing the various clinical psychology needs of employees and their families, and aiding in the development of healthy and well workplaces.

Through his years of intensive training in martial arts, Martin was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and the related foundations for the proactive optimization of personal health and resilience. These practices build upon the learnings of the Shaolin Temple which date back to 5th Century BC.

Based on the emergence of new scientific research using modern measurement techniques, Martin has now combined his professional psychology practice and ongoing research with the ancient Chinese Medical Arts in an innovative application for the current clinical needs of clients. These psychological practices build on the integration of Mind, Body and Spirit in support of the Gaia Collaborative Medicine approach.

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