Dr. Tracy Thomson MD, HBSc, CCFP, CYT, CMedAc.

Dr. Tracy Thomson

Dr. Thomson graduated at the top of her class in Honours Physiology, and graduated cum laude with her MD from the University of Western Ontario. Moving west to honour her passion for the mountains and nature, she completed a Family Medicine residency program at the University of Calgary and gained her CCFP designation. She spent many years practicing family medicine in B.C and Alberta, and continued her education by completing the GP anesthesia program at UBC.

Having worked in emergency rooms, operating rooms and family practice, she began to see the shortcomings of traditional medicine in the management of chronic disease and getting to the root cause of illness. After minimal success trying to change the system politically, she began to work with her family’s fourth generation business helping facilitate a biomedical division of the company. She gained additional training in strategic planning and change management and was actively involved in the Alberta chapter of the Young President’s Organization.

Eventually, her true calling as a healer compelled her to pursue Traditional Chinese Medicine and to found a clinic that would dispense with the traditional focus on symptom management and integrate the best of different medicines. Her current practice involves brain mapping and neuropsych testing, using food as medicine, bio-identical hormones, functional supplements and writing integrative treatment plans for clients based on both Western and Eastern healing philosophies.

She is currently completing her Fellowship from the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, and has also obtained her certification as a yoga and Qi Kung instructor. She continues to study with Dr. Carlos de Leon and Parvathi Nanda Nath to understand and integrate the role of spirituality into medicine.

Dr. Thomson will be one of the first graduates in the new Brain Health and Memory Maintenance certification program from the University of South Florida school of medicine. In addition, she studied brain mapping in New York with Dr. Eric Braverman and her clinic is the only Canadian Amen Affiliated brain center. This training has allowed her to provide leading edge care in neuroscience.

Dr. Thomson has been identified by the Canadian Medical Foundation as an expert in physician health and primary prevention and is passionate about “healing the healers”. She speaks at medical conferences, community events, and business forums and is currently writing a book on integrated, functional health care.

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