Andrew Dulcamara, B.A (Hons), Rac.

Andrew Dulcamara

Andrew is a Registered Acupuncturist who first became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the mid 90′s when he began to practice Tai Chi and study Taoism. Although much of his personal time was spent studying these areas, his professional career was spent in the operating room of a busy hospital. This job offered variety and a sense of satisfaction in knowing that he was genuinely helping people. By 2005, his career as a Operating Department Practitioner no longer sat comfortably with his personal philosophy on life. Although surgery has its place, he felt true healing was not just about scalpels and sutures. Having reached a crossroads, he decided to take the leap, moving to Canada to study TCM as a career.

Andrew’s ongoing goal is to provide healing based on compassion and wisdom that is both gentle and effective. This approach means that all aspects of what it means to be human should be explored; we are not just a physical body, and so any healing modality that just deals with the physical is extremely limited. The way forward is to recognize that we are an amazing creation full of emotions, thought and spirit. This very fact provides healing abilities that go far beyond just the physical. We live in a brave new world where science is beginning to catch up with ancient wisdom and he is grateful to be a part of that, and to have the opportunity to bring health and well-being to the town of Canmore.

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