Weight Loss

A woman in her 40’s came to Gaia after years of trying to lose weight and being stuck in the yo-yo cycle of dieting. She complained of hormonal symptoms, depression, weight gain, and stomach problems. She had recently been working well with an eating disorders coach, but still lacked the energy and vitality to fully make her program successful.

It was important to discover her unique biochemistry, hormonal levels and understand her gut health in order to help her truly succeed. After testing for food sensitivities, we discovered that she was gluten intolerant. After eliminating all gluten from her diet, she lost 21 pounds and was absolutely thrilled! We also treated her hormonal symptoms with bio-identical hormones. She felt like she had her life back. Her struggle with abdominal pain, intermittent diarrhea and constipation had finally stopped.

She realized the diagnosis that a previous MD had given her of “irritable bowel syndrome” was not a life sentence, and once accurately diagnosed, could be treated. The ‘fog” lifted and the energy from her younger years returned. Now that she is able to maintain her weight and is confident with her new fit body, she is off to Europe…finally comfortable in her own skin.

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