This lovely 62 year old retired school teacher came to us with complaints of depression and significant memory loss. She had lost all joy in life, and as her psychiatrist increased her medications her cognitive function problems became noticeable. She wondered if she might have early Alzheimer’s.

After completing a functional medicine consult and brain testing, it was obvious that her serotonin levels were very low and her prefontal cortex activity was low. This lower activity in the “higher reasoning” centers resulted in poor results on her memory tests. However, we could tell that her hippocampus was okay, by the improvement she made in acquiring new memories.

The tests allowed us to reveal that she was over-medicated, resulting in lower than normal brain functioning. We also determined that she was likely not on the best antidepressant for her neurotransmitter status. We worked with her psychiatrist to not only optimize her medications, but to work towards improving her memory and optimizing brain function.

Had she not gone for brain testing, this brain fog/dementia would have likely persisted and worsened, as would her concomitant depression.

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