Chronic Fatigue/Sleep Disorder


A young woman in her twenties came to me with complaints of listlessness, fatigue and sleep difficulties which were limiting her ability to live the life she had envisioned for herself. Raised in an affluent and supportive environment with many friends, good grades and a close family, she had plans for law school— but her disabling fatigue and disordered sleep had halted her plans.

Several visits to her family doctor left her with no answers besides that she was experiencing “normal stress” for a university student. However, she knew she didn’t feel “normal”.

What We Did

I used a combination of Traditional Allopathic Medicine, Functional and Metabolic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Brain Health Testing to form a diagnosis.

There were many imbalances, on different levels, causing her to feel unwell and not herself. In addition to making lifestyle, nutritional, neutraceutical, hormonal, and medication changes, there were two root causes that needed to be treated for all of her symptoms to disappear. I prepared an integrative and collaborative plan consisting of a variety of actions to bring her life back in balance.

One week into implementing the plan, she reported feeling “fabulous” and was sleeping through the night. One month later after two nutritional IVs and changes to her diet and lifestyle, her energy was up so much, she proceeded with her law school application.


Three months later she said she felt “really good” and was sleeping so much more…“almost too much”. She didn’t feel anxious anymore. She noticed her energy had markedly improved and she could do more things. She went out at night again with her friends. She was also in the process of looking for a yoga studio.

A year later, my staff did not recognize her. She had lost weight, her acne had cleared and her face was full of vitality. The patient and her family were incredibly grateful for our brain centered and functional medicine approach. They were finally able to get the answers they hadn’t found anywhere else.

We now look forward to looking at her one year BEAM follow-up to see the improvement in her neurotransmitter levels.

Without functional medicine, this patient may have been misdiagnosed for years—and may not have been able to attend law school or develop a meaningful career and relationships. She may have diagnosed with IBS and chronic fatigue in her thirties and I wouldn’t be surprised if she developed some type of inflammatory or autoimmune disease in her forties. Her quality of life could have been severely affected and the cost to the health care system burdensome.

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