Brain Injury

This former National Ski Team member and “Crazy Canuck” came to Gaia upon learning about our revolutionary brain mapping technology. Ten years earlier, he had suffered a major head injury resulting in a comatose state for three weeks. After living with a significant brain injury for so many years, he didn’t believe it was possible to make any improvement.

After discovering the neurotransmitters that were out of balance, we placed him on a regimen of brain-balancing supplements, encouraged a meditative practice and new learning techniques to help create new synaptic connections within his brain.

At first, he was not compliant with the recommendations,but once he began to follow the program, his partner commented, “about 18 days ago there was a MASSIVE change in Dave’s demeanor from being cranky, belligerent, sarcastic and self absorbed to being kind, friendly, agreeable, open to discussion!!! I believe the DRASTIC change is related to the brain supplements he is taking faithfully. It is truly miraculous.”

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