The Results

Many of our clients have expressed enormous gratitude for the transformations they’ve undergone since coming to Gaia. Here are some of the experiences they’ve shared:

I feel like a changed man.


I feel so comfortable here. There is SO MUCH BENEFIT in ALL I did this week and from all whom I saw. Incredibly talented and gifted practitioners who are so humble. The physical space is lovely. The setting is peaceful and beautiful. Welcoming staff. I give the Restorative Health Week at Gaia Clinic an 11/10! It so exceeded my expectations!! Each practitioner was amazing individually, yet I am quite certain that I’ve only begun to see the outcomes and results of the synergies & collaboration brought into my experience.

Judy P.

Without question this was the BEST personal health and wellness renewal program I have ever attended. I would recommend this program to anyone who need to personally re-energize, re-group or renew.

Elizabeth B.

Caring, capable practitioners all focused on one client. Beautiful environment. Integration of many disciplines all under one roof. Hopeful, positive attitudes. I came away with a sense of control over my healthcare regimen. This program is for an individual who is truly committed to making a big change in his/her life. it’s a group effort with all the practitioners directing their energy and skill toward the goal of healing. But they [the client] too have a role and a responsibility. In a magnificent & inspiring setting, the client and practitioners devote themselves…to the end of helping the client achieve their best possible outcome…their approach gets to the source and endeavours to heal from from the inside out.

There is a focus on the bigger picture – and here [at Gaia] the client has a responsibility to look within and discover the “life issues” needing resolution- so that profound changes can be made that will lead to true healing, not just alleviation of symptoms.

Dorothy W.

VERY accommodating and approachable staff. Loved Tracy – she’s a digger, researcher, incredible listener, so knowledgeable, intelligent…beautiful and funny.

Sandy B.

I first went to Gaia Clinic as a last shot, desperate attempt at finding a way to deal with devastating migraine headaches. I had seen all of the specialists, tried all of the prescriptions and therapies recommended, and still was ending up in the hospital emergency room when the headaches hit. I decided to give the alternative medicine approach a try since nothing else had worked. After meeting with Dr. Thomson, and discussing my overall health in general, I decided to try the “Get Balanced” program. Throughout the program, I continuously learned about things that were holding me back, both physically and emotionally, ranging from unresolved childhood issues to simple ways that I just wasn’t taking care of myself. With the help of my “team” at Gaia, I underwent a transformation unlike anything I ever could have hoped for. In the course of 6 months, my entire life changed.

It’s been a year now since I started the program, and I am stronger, healthier, and happier than I could ever have imagined. Every single facet of my life has changed, and I truly believe that it is only because of my experience at Gaia that I developed the skills to make myself healthy and to learn who I really wanted to be. The headaches are a thing of the past, as are most of my other symptoms, and now when I feel them come back, I can go back to what I learned and bring myself back to the state I should be in. I truly went into treatment at Gaia strictly to deal with my headaches, but the process showed me how to trust my instincts and let myself be open to all that is possible, and I came away not only healed of the headaches, but completely transformed and happy.

Sherri M.

I had a feeling of being totally cared for with real results.

Lenore H.

I came to Gaia because of Dr. Thomson’s reputation and big picture approach. I have been dealing with serious chronic health issues most of my life, and have seen numerous doctors and practitioners. I was unable get truly well. However, with the help of Gaia, I am on my way to seeing huge improvements in my overall health. With the care and attention of Dr. Thomson, other practitioners and courses available through Gaia, I have begun to feel not only well, but hopeful for the first time in at least a decade. I am grateful to Dr. Thomson for having the passion, vision and compassion that makes this holistic kind of wellness approach available to us. It’s been positively transformational!

Maureen R.

Dr. Thomson’s holistic approach to health and healing has provided me with a greater balance to my own healthy living. I have found the various services have provided me with a long-term path to health, rather than a quick “band-aid” solution. I really appreciate that I am treated as a unique individual with unique background, circumstances, physiology and body that must be approached uniquely for treatment of health concerns. I also really feel as though Dr. Thomson and the other practitioners are truly supportive of my growth and healing.

Daniella R.

The strength of the Restorative Health program is the collaborative approach and the awesome people involved in the program. The team has such a positive energy and an understanding of compassion. Non-judgemental approach. Getting your brain tested is the right thing to do. This has been one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I feel very inspired and ready to put all the tools I have gained to work. AWESOME JOB EVERYBODY!

Barry R.

This program is a safe place where you will feel loved and cared for, so that you can find what you’ve been missing in your life.

Krysty B.

Incredible opportunity: for the mind, body, intellect, emotions and soul.

Jason G.

It is totally awesome and above what I expected

Fran D.

The Gaia Restorative Week provides a unique opportunity to rest, unwind and begin a healing journey in a caring, nurturing, respectful and non-judgmental environment. A team of experienced practitioners combine Eastern and Western philosophies, traditional and alternative modalities and leading edge medical science to deliver exceptional patient care. The experience is like no other. The power is in the collaborative approach, the diversity of the disciplines and the personalized care and attention. It was a privilege to spend a week at Gaia and I know the team is there to provide ongoing care and nourishment as and when needed to support my journey.

Brenda P.

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