Brain Health

We believe all healthcare should be HEAD FIRST.

We are the ONLY clinic in Canada using this revolutionary technology developed by Harvard Medicine. We are also the only Amen Affiliated Brain Centre in Canada.

Through baseline testing of electrical brainwaves correlated with various neurotransmitters in the brain, our clinicians are able to determine the mind’s relative age and help maintain optimal brain function for longer.

We’re offering a series of assessments that look at how your unique brain is working. Based on the results of the tests, and through our collaborative healthcare model, we’re helping our clients achieve amazing results including:

Hundreds of minor and major conditions – which are almost always overlooked by conventional medicine – can be traced to brain dysfunction. By detecting issues in the brain early, we’re able to provide treatment options that will not only improve quality of life, they may completely heal the existing condition.

Our approach uses the well-studied Brain Electrical Activity Mapping (BEAM) technology in combination with CNS-VS, TOVA and other neuropsychiatric tests. We apply our Functional, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine models to optimize brain function, heal diseased brains and increase the rate of recovery of injured brains.

The non-invasive BEAM gives us 4 key measures of brain function in critical areas that are essential for identifying the underlying causes of health breakdowns.

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