Preventative Health

A comprehensive and detailed medical assessment—all in one place

This program is an incredible 2-day investment in your overall well-being. We apply a whole body focus; physical, biochemical, hormonal, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual. From the 2-day assessment, our team will work together to find the best solutions for improving your current health situation and preventing potential health concerns before they turn into chronic disease.

This comprehensive program includes:

Functional Medical assessment/Eastern and Western Medical assessment such as:

Out-Sourced Lab Testing:

Included Services:


Why choose this program?

This was created for the person that wants to know the current state of their health and is interested in prevention.
You may choose this program if you feel like you have exhausted all resources in getting to the bottom of your current health issue. Some people come because their family history includes quite a lot of disease and they want to make sure they are not headed in the same direction.

What kind of results can I expect?

From Gaia: we will give you a summary report of findings from each of our practitioners, full documentation of all your test results and a list of suggestions including, but not limited to, supplements, follow-up appointments and life-change suggestions.

From You: changing your state of health relies on you. You need to be ready to make changes and be open to suggestions. We are here as guides; there is no magic pill to make everything better overnight, but with the right help you may find your productivity go up, an increase in energy, relief from pain and even a more happy and fulfilling love life.

Do I have to do this whole program every year?

Not necessarily; you will work individually with your MD to determine the best steps for you going forward.

Do I need to see a practitioner at your clinic, or can I see an outside practitioner?

We do suggest seeing the practitioners here. As we have a well-integrated collaborative team, which already meets once a week to discuss patients, we find it more complete to have the evaluations done by everyone on our team. If you have booked and we later deem one of the appointments to be unnecessary, we will apply the credit for that appointment towards your follow-up needs (appointments, supplements etc).

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