Brain Balance

It really is all in your head.

Think of your brain as the command centre; it affects your body, mind & spirit and when it’s not performing at its best it can cause dysfunction in your relationships, your work and your life in general. The simple truth is that when your brain works right, you work right – and you will continue to work right longer if you take a proactive approach to your own health and aging.

When we are able to diagnose the health of this vital organ we can help to correct almost every condition in the process.

A Balanced Brain

Our approach uses the well-studied Brain Electrical Activity Mapping (BEAM) technology in combination with, CNS-VS, TOVA and other neuropsychiatric tests. We apply our Functional, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine models to optimize brain function, heal diseased brains and increase the rate of recovery of injured brains.

The non-invasive BEAM gives us 4 key measures of brain function in critical areas that are essential for identifying the underlying causes of health breakdowns.

Power: Loss of power and symmetry (dopamine deficiency) impacts your energy and drive, causing weight gain, fatigue and diminished libido

Speed: Loss of speed (acetylcholine deficiency) impacts information processing and recall, causing memory and concentration lapses and revealing your true age

Rhythm: Loss of rhythm (GABA deficiency) impacts calmness and stability, causing anxiety, hypertension GERD and seizures

Synchrony: Loss of coordinated development (serotonin deficiency) affects mind-body connection, causing headaches, backaches, insomnia and depression

The Tests

Below are the key evaluation methods we use to assess your Complete Brain Health – the results give our team of experts an accurate picture of brain fitness, detect early markers of cognitive decline, identify deficiencies in neurochemicals and alert us to potential preventative measures that can be implemented to improve brain function and intelligence

P300: Determines with extremely high accuracy whether or not specific information is stored in a person’s memory. The test measures individual brain-wave responses to relevant words, pictures or sounds presented by a computer.

A real time, functional measurement technique that looks at electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp, which primarily reflect cortical electrical activity or “brainwaves”.

AUDITORY EVOKED POTENTIALS: Checks the nerve pathways between the ears and the brain.

VISUAL EVOKED POTENTIALS: The test evaluates the visual pathways in your brain. It checks on the health of the “internal” parts of your visual system.

TEST OF VARIABLES OF ATTENTION (TOVA): A well-validated, reliable neuropsychological test, specifically developed for screening, diagnosing and monitoring attention deficits.

CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM-VITAL SIGNS TEST (CNS-VS): This test evaluates neuro-cognitive performance, speed and accuracy of five basic mental functions to measure the health and integrity of the brain’s higher functions.

A standardized memory test used to assess learning and memory. It specifically measures Verbal Memory, Visual Memory, Immediate Memory and Working Memory.

This psychological assessment tool is used to help develop a treatment approach guided by the patient’s personality characteristics.

MINI MENTAL STATUS EXAM: Commonly used in medicine to screen for cognitive impairment/dementia. Tests various cognitive functions, including arithmetic, memory and orientation.

MONTREAL COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL: An excellent screening tool for the early assessment of cognitive decline or early dementia.

TYPE AND TEMPERAMENT PERSONALITY TEST: A questionnaire used to discover how each unique personality type contributes to an individual’s performance. From this we learn new ways to facilitate treatment and improve overall patient care and decision-making by considering all points of view.

ABSTRACT ABILITY AND IQ: Estimates general intellectual ability and provides information about the individual’s performance as they complete tasks in the areas of matching, sequences, analogies and construction.

QEEG: Detailed analysis of brain waves, alpha, beta, high beta, theta, and gamma helping to determine brain function and communication.  Highly effective in diagnosing brain traumas or past head injuries.

STRESS RESPONSE TESTING: Measures heart rate, respiration, temperature, heart rate variability, muscle tension, and brain waves in response to mild computerized stressors to determine how the body physiologically responds to stress.

Your Balanced Brain Plan.

Using principles of Functional Medicine, a customized Brain Plan is developed for you where specific protocols are prescribed with the goal of bringing an imbalanced brain into equilibrium and a balanced brain into a state of further optimization.

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