In his own words, Dr. Carlos describes the theoretical background and overarching themes that will be covered throughout the week. This teaching is intended to be given in two consecutive years. Due to the complexity of the subject, in order to attend the second year, people will be required to participate in the first.

Teaching Biblical Meditation, is not easy in our culture, and this is because people are full of preconceptions and even many times psychological negatively affected by the traditional dogmatic presentation of our Judeo-Christian religions.

My intention in teaching this path, is first of all, to present and invitation to reconcile with our western spiritual heritage, with our family tradition, and learn from it what we can find real and effective for our spiritual development and relationship with God.

It is hard to find reality in our spiritual experience, being in conflict or in ignorance of our roots, while practicing a spiritual technology belonging to another culture. It is also sad to see that Jews and Christians alike, when they awake to the thirst to explore their spiritual experience in a deeper way, not being able to find means in their own tradition, jump away of their family spiritual heritage in order to learn meditative methods and mystical practices. And the saddest part of it, is that the Biblical tradition contains a rich and deep knowledge of spiritual technology, that for centuries has been accessible to few. If after reconciling with our roots, we decide to follow a different path, certainly our experience will be healthier and more complete.

 The first year, we will study the following subjects:

  • The Bible, its origin, its message, the levels of interpretation and understanding
  • The Bible as a guide to reach communion with God, understood from the secret tradition and interpretation of it, the Kabbalah
  • Kabbalah principles
  • Different approaches in Kabbalah
  • Creation and Redemption plan from God, from the Kabbalistic point of view
  • The Messiah lineage
  • Jesus
  • Women an Kabbalah
  • The Seven Divine Spirits, a Kabbalistic teaching about the steps in the spiritual process
  • We will practice diverse meditation and transformation techniques.

The second year, we will explore and learn different meditative techniques, and also we will learn some techniques of the “Practical” or Magical Kabbalah, useful for improving our daily life.

The techniques will be chosen depending on the group that attends the first retreat.

The upcoming Dr. Carlos Retreat will be held at Gaia Studio and will be offered this year at a much reduced rate of $500 + tax. This price includes 6-days (50+hrs) of teaching (meals not included). The price remains in place up to March 26th, at which point it will increase to $600. The price change allows for more financial flexibility for those that wish to attend and gives participants the option of rooming with people in Canmore, camping, or staying at one of the many hotels in town.

These teachings are so very important and exposure to the quality of the lessons (in this day and age) are rare.

Due to the limited space in the Studio, this event promises to be a very intimate and special gathering. More information will be provided closer to the date.

To register, call (403) 707-7575 or email Payment is due in full upon registration.


Refund Policy: *No Refunds after March 27 , 2012 Registration is on a first come first served basis.