Kelsey Dundon, LifeStyle Editor of Vitamin Daily, Canada’s premiere online lifestyle magazine dropped into Gaia Clinic this past summer to learn more about who we are and what we do – her article highlights what it’s like to get your brain function tested and the results generated by the BEAM test.

At the Gaia Collaborative Health Centre in Canmore, Alberta, I could have sampled any number of relaxing, reinvigorating treatments — massage, yoga therapy, acupuncture.

I chose to get my brain mapped.

Brain electrical activity mapping, or BEAM, tests the speed and power of my think engine in the most stylish way possible — using a net cap with a couple dozen electrodes hooked up to a computer. (Could I look any more terrified?)

So what’d it tell me? According to Gaia’s medical director Dr. Thompson, I’ve got the brain power of a 20-year-old (and the maturity level of a…?). But I’m only operating at 50% capacity due to stress and lack of sleep.

Maybe I should have booked that massage after all.

 We’d like to thank Kelsey & Vitamin Daily for sharing our breakthrough methods in neuroscience with the Canadian public.