What’s the difference between a cup of coffee from a gas station and a cup of coffee from your favourite locally owned/operated cafe?

I reckon it may very well come down to the intent of the business. Are they trying to sell as many coffees at the highest possible margins? Or are they perhaps just totally passionate about coffee? Wanting to share their rapture with others. At that point, I’d argue that it no longer becomes about coffee; instead, you’re paying for an experience – something infinitely more satisfying than a cup of coffee could ever be.

I think healing parallels the above example ever so well. Is your practitioner truly invested in your health? Recommending whatever is in your best interest – even if it means seeing another practitioner – or are they perhaps interested in turning a profit on your illness? The feeling behind each is quite different and may very well be the difference between trapping one in illness or unlocking the secrets to perfect health.

My name is Mark Volmer. As a practitioner, I like helping people remember how amazing they are. I’ve recently started my practice at the Gaia Clinic and would so love to meet you. To find out more about what it is I do and to get a free download outlining what perfect health may actually look like (it might surprise you), visit: www.hiddengemhealing.com