Did I see you at Sobey’s the other day? Or maybe getting a java fix at the bistro? It’s really quite a treat to live in a town where I so often see familiar, smiling faces. And, having travelled the 400 kilometres to live, work, and play in Canmore, I reckon there’s a very special reason this journey has taken root here. So it’s no wonder that my path has aligned with that of Gaia Clinic. With open arms, the team at Gaia has welcomed my presence, and it’s my delight to extend the same embrace to you!

I am fortunate to have my practice take place in the clinic’s warm, gorgeous, mountain-view space, but am at a loss to describe the true essence of the work we can do together.. When trying to balance self care with the acrobatics of life, simply keeping up with personal maintenance is tricky. {September is always a hectic month for me too}. So, through my hands on help and your inspiration to take some time and truly connect you once again with yourself, we can really get to work on your vision of perfect health; whether that’s sore legs from mountain side climbs, or wanting insight on what those aches and pains really mean. Please, drop by the clinic or give a shout to see if it’s time for a team effort in getting you exactly where you want to be.

Ali Frederick is a Registered Massage Therapist