An insatiable researcher and practitioner whose impulse of helping and healing human suffering has lead him to extensive study in both academic and spiritual fields of discipline is coming to teach “Meditation Biblica Retreat (part I)” April 27- May 3, 2012.

Dr. de Leon has high academic credentials as well as practical skills that have been sought out world-wide. He has attained a PHD in Clinical Psychology and in Holistic Medicine. He is also trained in bioenergetic and polarity therapy, hypnosis, radionic homeopathy and Ryodoraku electronic acupuncture.

His other academic pursuits include PsychoEnergetic study, body-mind psychoyherapy, 32 years of martial arts training, 23 years studying Hindu Tantra in India and Kashmir, 23 years studying Buddhism, 25 years studying shamanism and healing, trained in Bali’s Shamanism, student of  the Brazilian healer and Macumba King,  Ivan Thrilla, Jewish and Christian Kabbalah studies, Eastern and Western esoteric studies, training with several Chinese masters in Chi-Kung or energy management.

His main master is Sifu Peng, Vancouver, Canada. And training in herbal Chinese medicines with Sifu Chow, Vancouver, Canada. Several spiritual lineage titles have been bestowed on Dr. Carlos de Leon.

Dr. de Leon’s main interest has been researching techniques for the development and expansion of awareness. This has given to him the opportunity to get in touch with diverse masters, healers, psychics, yogis, contactees, etc. And, when possible, he has explored field research with them.

Dr. de Leon has written eight books on awakening. He has been asked to present at several international conferences and in 1982 a crew of the CBS TV network of the United States traveled to Mexico to film his work with children in the development of extra-ocular vision and psychic abilities. He is the creator of Ontogony, a program of tools and teaching to improve health, mental clarity and promote spiritual growth. Dr. de Leon is the founder of the International Institute of Ontogony Research and Development, Vancouver, Canada 1991. He is chairman of the Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Ontogony Development Association A.C.. in Mexico City.

He has a large group of students in Mexico, Spain, Canada, Greece, Israel and Guatemala.
For a complete listings of Dr. Carlos de Leon’s study and work, please view his complete CV here.