Chris Rozell, MC, R.Psych (Provisional)

Chris Rozell

Chris Rozell, MC, R.Psych (Provisional) has worked in the human services for over 15 years, supporting a broad clientele that includes children, teens, and adults. He has also specialized in a number of areas, working with caregivers, individuals with brain injuries, PDD funded agencies, and individuals with unique developmental challenges such as autism.

While completing a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, Chris connected with Dr. Donaldson and the Myosymmetries team. Chris’ interest in biofeedback stems from working with brain injured individuals whose needs are often unnoticed, ignored, or misunderstood. However, in the world of biofeedback, the body is always telling a story. Gaining access to this information improves our understanding of an individual’s functioning, without judgement. It allows us to quantify needs, and measure change. It provides us with a unique opportunity to take control of things that often go unnoticed, despite being essential to our quality of life.


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