Brain Mapping

“If everyone knew what I know about brain health, everyone would get their brain tested.” Gaia Clinic Founder and CEO, Dr. Tracy Thomson, MD

Think of your brain as the command centre; it affects your body, mind & spirit and when it’s not performing at its best it can cause dysfunction in your relationships, your work and your life in general. The simple truth is that when your brain works right, you work right – and you will continue to work right longer if you take a proactive approach to your own health and aging.

Do you have a family history of Alzheimer’s or Dementia? Have you ever had a head injury or a concussion? Are you feeling like you’re losing your edge? By accurately assessing your brain’s health today we can provide a glimpse into your health in the future and can help to correct almost every condition in the process.

To discover if our Brain Balance Program, which employs Canada’s only brain mapping technology, is right for you, feel free to watch our video, review our Brian Mapping FAQs and read a few recent success stories from Gaia’s Brain Balance Program, or simply call us to book your free half hour consultation with Dr. Thomson.

  1. Anxiety & Depression
  2. Brain Injury
  3. Chronic Fatigue
  4. Dementia
  5. Just not Feeling Right
  6. Weight Loss

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