Gaia Clinic EntranceChanging the way you think about health care.

Specializing in Family Medicine, Stress Reduction, Peak Performance, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging (Longevity and Vitality) and Acute and Chronic Disorders, Gaia Clinic unites different practitioners from different disciplines. Your health and the creation of a healing environment is at the core of our collaborative efforts. Under the guidance of a medical doctor, we blend traditional and complementary therapies, sourcing global knowledge and the collaborative expertise of our practitioners to provide insight and guide you toward achieving your optimal health goals. You will experience the best of different medicines in a coordinated and balanced approach that is right for you.

The health of the client and the creation of a healing environment is at the core of all collaborative efforts. This allows the client to experience the best of different medicines in a coordinated approach. The yoga studio situated in the centre of the clinic compliments the preventative health model and provides locals and visitors to Canmore, a unique offering of Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Qi Gong (Chi Kung).

“Understanding how the holistic model integrates the physical, energetic, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects is key to optimize health.” ~ Dr. Tracy Thomson


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Preventative Health : Gaia Studio

Our preventative health classes serve as a connection between our busy lives and the peace, joy, and physical health we strive to achieve. Healing comes in many forms and the studio provides an excellent opportunity to find ways to achieve that balance. It provides a conduit for contributing to the healing of specific medical conditions and disease states, as well as providing a platform for preventative health. The studio, situated in the centre of the clinic, provides a unique offering of yoga, dance, chi kung, personal training and meditation. Everyone is welcome. Participate. Join us for a drop-in class. Call us anytime.

Gaia Community

Community is a vital component to health. Bringing people together to unite, and to strive for a sense of wholeness has been an integral part of all cultures for centuries. The strength and sense of connectedness one gets from community has been shown to correlate positively with longevity and quality of life. Gaia strives to foster that connection by offering seminars to the community and by hosting special guest speaker series and workshops conducive to health and well being. Stay connected. Visit our website regularly. Join our mailing list.