This topic may seem to many like a paradox, how can having needles inserted be relaxing?  Acupuncture is becoming more popular and many people will have experienced Acupuncture through their Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Naturopath.

In general terms this is a wonderful development as more and more of us experience the healing benefits of this complex art. However many people are not aware of the different styles of Acupuncture and the difference between a more traditional approach and a westernized version of the art.  If you go to two practitioners of Acupuncture you may have two very different experiences.  In general terms the more traditional the approach the more versatile the art. Traditional Acupuncture can treat many diverse conditions and can generally do this without to much discomfort.  The more westernized approach often relies more heavily on deeper needling.  All styles have benefits and can achieve excellent results.

In my personal journey in the world of Acupuncture, I decided early to delve more deeply into the traditional approach and its been a most rewarding decision.  Many patients are often surprised to find they barely feel anything when the needles are inserted and after a while begin to feel relaxed and calmer, with many patients actually falling asleep. their are a number of points that can be used to calm the mind and the body, allowing the whole integrated system to relax.

So if the holiday season gets to be too much for you and you feel like you need to recharge your batteries and calm your mind, why not try something different in the new year and see what Acupuncture can do for you?  If you’ve never experienced Acupuncture with me before, mention this add when booking and get the consultation and treatment half price.  For those who have experienced Acupuncture with me before, if you book in twice over January 2014 the second treatment is half price.  Just mention this article when booking.

Enjoy the Holidays!!